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Joe, Farnham - submitted the review on: 01 July 2017 @ 12:05:01

repair dead laptop, recover all pictures, great service

Durga repaired my dead laptop and recovered all my pictures and videos. I am glad i found British Repairs and i will definitely be calling you guys in future. Great service, highly recommended


Peter, Woking - submitted the review on: 25 May 2017 @ 18:25:30

laptop repair woking, cheapest pc repair woking

Thank you for sending engineer so quickly yesterday i am very impressed. He did a fantastic job, got my dead laptop up and running in 30 minutes. If i have any problems in the future, i will want the same engineer.


Javid, Peterborough - submitted the review on: 03 March 2017 @ 20:05:09

pc repairs peterborough, setup home network, smart tv, share data, fix laptop

Engineer arrived within hour, very helpful and knowledgeable not only fixed my laptop but also setup home network and connected smart tv and mobile to share all my videos, music and photos. Great service - well done!


Waqas, Essex - submitted the review on: 27 December 2016 @ 15:30:18

pc repairs essex, install new windows, install office

Very pleased with the service, engineer arrived on time and fixed the issue within 20 minutes which no one else could. Well done British Repairs.


Joanne, Reading - submitted the review on: 27 November 2016 @ 17:09:35

pc repair reading, fix laptop, fix desktop, fix printer, setup email in outlook

Excellent customer service and very reasonable charges. British Repairs setup my email in outlook and fixed my printer problem remotely without fuss. Highly recommended.


Darren, Cobham - submitted the review on 24 November 2016 @ 18:35:20

computer repair cobham, install new windows, transfer data from old pc to new laptop

Engineer installed new windows, transferred all data from my old pc to my new laptop. Excellent customer service, highly recommended.


Wendy, Guildford - submitted the review on 5 November 2016 @ 14:05:40

pc repair guildford, install new hard drive, data recovery, laptop, gaming pc, desktop

Just had new hard drive fitted and windows installed on my old laptop. All important data was recovered, i must say i am very impressed. Thank you so much British Repairs.


Linda, Farnborough - submitted the review on 02 November 2016 @ 18:20:12

pc repair farnborough, install new windows, repair laptop desktop and gaming pc, setup printer

Installed new windows, friendly and helpful engineer. Thank you!


Zaffar, Southall - submitted the review on 31 October 2016 @ 19:16:33

pc repairs woking, aldershot, chobham, fix laptop, setup internet, remove virus

Called British Repairs, engineer arrived within hour, very helpful and knowledgeable not only fixed my laptop but also setup smart tv and mobile with home network.


Gulpreet, Leicester - submitted the review on 25 October 2016 @ 15:09:45

pc repair leicester, cheapest laptop desktop computer repair services in leicester area, home service, callout mobile pc repair service

Recovered all my data from broken hard drive. You are a life saver, thanks very much.


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